I worked as a sculptor for Studio Yutaka Sone, represented by David Zwirner in New York. I am grateful for the mentorship, guidance, and wisdom that Yutaka Sone and Min Nishihara have generously given to me. Yutaka Sone invited me to join his studio when he was working on Giant Snow Leopard (Marble, 2004-2005). The last sculpture I worked on in his studio, It Seems Like Snow Leopard Island (Mixed Media, 2006), was a realistic small-scale island with five running rivers, live plants, and ecosystem. I worked with a team of studio assistants to construct a wood foundation and frame to support the 5,000 lb. sculpture. The materials we used were fiberglass, resin, plastic epoxies, and polyurethane expandable foams. Paint, modeling textures, colored sands, and stones were used to create the top layer of the sculpture, which ranged from dry desert environments to moist, mossy green jungle. In the first two weeks of June 2006, I shipped and installed a Yutaka Sone solo retrospective exhibition Like Looking for Snow Leopard, curated by Philippe Pirotte at the Kusthalle Bern, Switzerland.

Studio Yutaka Sone, Chongwu, China
Studio Yutaka Sone, South Pasadena, CA, USA