In “Ab Ovo”, I utilize sculpture to transform tangible objects into a representational fiction and depict a warped mythology. Taking on the style of classic Greco Roman marble sculptures with a nod to trompe l’oeil technique, the work refers to Janus, the ancient Roman god of beginnings and transitions. “Ab Ovo” is latin for “in the beginning”, “the origin”, or “the egg” and the show speaks of complimentary, as well as contradictory, concepts of life and death within a meditational, zen garden space.

As an artist I act as god within a sacred space. Labor and imperfections are evident. I cast my face, arms, and hands into the work and position my ghostly dismembered form within cyclical fountains.  The work resembles sculptures from ancient times, which have been broken in times of war, stolen, collected, and restored by the institution of the museum. My life-cast body parts are violently truncated, punctured, stacked and replicated within the work. Surfaces reveal finger prints, drips, cracks, and dents. “Ab Ovo” creates a dream landscape with 3D forms of wishing wells, sacred totems, a mythical mountain and a hybrid creature. The work compares a contemporary art space with an ancient, traditional religious space.